THIS IS YOUR WAR by Marquis W. Childs


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Marquis Childs' name will start the ball rolling -- and the fact that here are many of the answers to rumor and guesswork on the part of Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public will keep it rolling. Marquis Childs, writing from the inside looking out, tells us what war will be like on the home front, in the kitchen, on the roads, in town and country, for old and young and middle aged. We know there will be curtailment in commodities and service, there will be virtual disappearance of some luxuries and some of what we have come to look upon as necessities. He tells us what and why -- and gives hints as to how we can manage without them. I found myself jotting down notes on certain Department of Agriculture bulletins that sounded like Musts for tomorrow's housewife. He discusses the probable curve of the tax burden -- and how to prepare for it. He discusses jobs for everyone, not only in defense, as now organized, but in existing agencies that will be increasingly necessary and increasingly short-handed. He discusses youth, and what is being done in the schools; what the N. Y. A. means today, what the CCC is contributing to defense. He outlines some of the mistakes England made in curtailing social agencies -- and the cost of reinstatement, almost too late. This is a book for the You Can't Do Business with Hitler market -- transferred to the home front, the housewife, the mother and the USA. His final chapters are concerned with that overworked term ""Morsin"" -- he has his say in regard to the gloom spreaders, government extravagance (he pulls no punches, and even names names); on anti-semitism and the Negro problem, on the contribution of organized religion. This will probably be followed by other books along the same line, but here is the first and it is a good one. For a lay market -- and for women more than for men.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1942
Publisher: Little, Brown