REMEMBERED ANGER by Martha Albrand


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Another competent hares and hounds as Chester Burton, officially dead after an unsuccessful intelligence mission, buries his American identity under the alias of Paul Mercier so that he may find the man who hetrayed him and his mission. His search in postwar Paris, is complicated by learning that the girl he loves, Sue, is apparently now in love with Dr. Grindelieu, who, after the murder of Burton's source of information, an old cancan dancer, ties in with Barton's investigation and becomes one of his two most important suspects. Grandlieu is apprehended for treason, but proves his integrity to Burton. Finally Burton, on an official lead, gets the whole picture of the betrayal of his mission, himself and the French patriots, confronts the informer and permits the coup de grace, and finds that Sue loves him after all. Personal reprisal tale that continues the previous books' readable entertainment standards.

Publisher: Little, Brown