NONE SHALL KNOW by Martha Albrand


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Dependable romance-adventure by the author of No Surrender --a story that will appeal to those who liked Kay Boyle's Avalanche. Custom tailoring for the non-neutral actions of the neutral Swiss, as Antonia, working for a charitable organization caring for children of war areas, becomes part of an underground anti-Nazi movement, and Julian, posing as a ne'er do well art expert, leads a double life on secret Intelligence missions. They love each other and are unsuspicious, until they are both subjected to the pursuit of German Martens, a killer, on the trail of the cause back of individual acts of violence in war areas, as parents whose children are safe have taken justice into their own hands. At Daves, Antonia is forced to kill Mertens, saving Julian and herself. Then, with one of her charges kidnapped, she and Julian fall into a trap from which they are saved by the children themselves...This puts an end to their part in the underground's operations, and they can look forward together to a different type of work in the future.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1945
Publisher: Little, Brown