WAIT FOR THE DAWN by Martha Albrand


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Another of this author's popular high level romances, this is centered around Christine's awakening to her husband's duplicity and disloyalty and the means by which she finds out the whole truth of his activities. Steeped in failure -- for having been unable to save her mother when, with the liberation, she was accused of collaboration and killed by a vicious mob -- Christine first works with Albert, for his charitable agencies as well as his political ""One World Party"" and through him meets Victor, wealthy, charming and determined to marry her. Coddled in her new life, she misses the little indications that show Victor is not all she believes, and it is an unexpected suicide that starts her on her tour for the truth. Through old friends, past events, current situations, Christine eventually unmasks Victor's traitorous and murderous part in the currency market and in politics, saves Albert's life and ends Victor's. The pulse of modern France, the crippled emotions of the survivors add to the validity of this story of a woman's emergence from a world of defeat to a world of keener, more honest perception.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1949
Publisher: Random House