NO SURRENDER by Martha Albrand


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Vance -- MacInnes -- Ann Bridge -- Seghers -- and now Albrand, in an ""Unconquered Europe"" or ""Fighting Europe"" series. They seem to have a corner on the theme. It is almost too bad they are all so good, for we wonder what L B will do when the market is surfeited. This by the by- ... Smooth story of Dutch defiance of Nazi rule, as Ruis, married to American Jenny, just before hostilities, is wounded and captured by the Germans. He is returned, apparently scot free, and is labelled a convert to Nazi way of life. He takes a strategic position under their rule (and works as vigilant member of the underground, keeping his feelings and activities to himself). His work results in sabotage, but outwardly seems apathetic to German outrages, grieving and horrifying his wife and friends. In an attempt -- successful --to get some plans, he kills a German officer; tremendous reparations and hostage executions are demanded, and eventually the murder is pinned on Ruis' best friend, suspected of being Jenny's lover. Ruis comes close to death, as Wim escapes, and eventually his release is arranged and his work goes on. Able fiction, with excellent Amsterdam decor. S E P serialization.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1942
Publisher: Little, Brown