THE LINDEN AFFAIR by Martha Albrand


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Kenneth Ward, of American Intelligence, apprehensively watching for an associate- the Czech Nemec, witnesses the release of the man Linden after sixteen years of internment in German and Russian camps. The return to the wife he does not seem to recognize is shattered by her (accidental?) death, and once home with his daughter Lisa- who cannot possibly remember him- he alienates her by the arrest of the young man who had been her mother's protege. Appealing to Ward, for help, Lisa then refuses to accept his suspicions and suppositions- so that it is Ward alone who searches for the evidence against Linden- presumably untouchable as Chief of Bavaria's Security Department. The imposture is exposed in time to save not only Nemec but Lisa with whom Ward has fallen in love.... Again romance and suspense provide a practised form of escape entertainment for her captive audience.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1956
Publisher: Random House