ONE AMONG THE INDIANS by Martha Beanett Stiles


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Some painstaking scholarship is obvious in this historical based both upon bonafide and ""perhaps"" scraps of evidence concerned with the life of one Tom Savage who ""seems to have been"" the first English settler on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and who was undoubtedly one of those serving the colony until his death in 1627. This story covers Tom's early years, from his voyage to the New World as cabin boy (a grueling voyage with many deaths); first days in the destitute and quarrelling colony as gifted and reckless men guessed about the current temper of the neighboring Indians led by Powhatan; and through his sojourn with the Indians (the result of a peaceful exchange). Tom's knowledge of these proud and skillful people aids him later but small successes are lost in the wash of hopeless estrangement between Indian and settler. An unusual book for a juvenile because of the careful, realistic approach (Smith is dismissed as ""grossly unfactual""). There is, alas, a lack of warmth (Tom seems to be made of steel); gore splashes from a number of pages, but for a book whose sights are high indeed, this is worth some attention.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1962
ISBN: 0595406688
Publisher: Dial