BOWING THE WIND by Martha Dodd


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Dates a bit, perhaps, as it rends as though belonging to the ""hot news"" category, while actually going back to earlier days in the Nazi development. From personal, inside knowledge, Martha Dodd (author of Through Embassy Eyes) pictures the believable perversion of a gallant, brilliant, internationally known young aviator, into a gross, bestial, besotted, false, killer Nazi, through the story of young Erich and his futile attempts to escape joining the Nazi party while striving to remain a German, loyal to his country. With political push from the inside, with outside influences underlining his personal feelings. Erich is not able to withstand the pressure, particularly when he is eventually threatened by troupers. From open hostility, to tacit political assent to utter surrender, this is not a pretty portrait and it is highlighted by the liquidation of one of Erich's Jewish friends, the determined work of the underground by his only love, the horror of his parents, the envy of his brother. Authentic in period and background.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 1945
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace