THE GOOD-LUCK BELL by Martha Farwell


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Mexican- American story, with undertones of the problems faced by minorities, even among children, but with the emphasis on the story of the Ramirez family, and how they managed while their adored father, an artist, was seeking work and security for his fragile wife, and his children. It was hard to make ends meet; it was harder still to face the scepticism of the neighbors, even the visiting nurse who was so understanding. Minor adventures- a close family unity- plans for Christmas, and always the hope that the father would come back in time to fill a commission which would solve their immediate problems. The finding of the sea bell on the shore and the opening of a new era at the close, gives this a predictable happy ending. A story for girls, with a bit too much of humble acceptance of the penalties of poverty.

Pub Date: Jan. 20th, 1949
Publisher: Rinehart