LIANA by Martha Gellhorn
Kirkus Star


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A French-owned island of the Caribbean is the setting for a haunting story of the tragedy of a marriage between a lovely, untutored mulatto and a rich, lonely white man. He has married her to spite the woman he wants and loves -- and has failed; he has reaped ridicule where he had had envy. Then comes on the scene a bitter young French refugee, in love with his last century, detached from the pitfulls and vices of a trepical island community. More hires him to teach Liana -- -he leaves then to their own devices -- and then is startled into jealous suspicion when infidelity is whispered. The thought is fertile seed -- and emotional complications confuse the issues of young Pierra's desire to serve his country. A tragic ending sounds the inevitable finals to an impasse. Simply told, with emotional undertones, .

Publisher: Scribner