GAY MELODY by Martha Gwinn Kiser
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Companion piece to the delightful Sylvia Sings of Apples, in which this delightful expert in feminine fashions, India sprigged muslins and melon sleeves has again created a lovable, rebellious, intelligent young creature who combats the theory that ""woman's place is in the home"". Against the background of the village Martha Kiser's readers already know, Rosanna's sister, Melody, a sprightly young school teacher, stands up to Emil Snodgrass and Brother Millspaugh with their spare-the-rod-and school board techniques. Melody, and her friend, Louisa May Alcott, have other ideas!... This author has recreated the atmosphere of the village near Concord, treasure house of brave now thinking. There are sallies into Boston, Philadelphia, and other intriguing places. There are lively comments on ideas, fashions, food, marriage customs and ceremonies, Christmas celebrations, fashions in courting and dating, the proprieties, and so on. There is more fresh, young interest information here than is often the case with sustained love stories against period setting. Might be defined as top ranking novel of manners for young adults.

Pub Date: March 9th, 1949
Publisher: Longmans, Green