LOVERS, FRIENDS, SLAVES. . . The Nine Male Sexual Types by Martha L. Stein

LOVERS, FRIENDS, SLAVES. . . The Nine Male Sexual Types

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The illegitimate offspring of Masters and Johnson. Mainly a study of the sexual behavior of the clients, but it doesn't ignore the call girls, high-class $50 types who come through as extremely likable, youthful, sophisticated, well-mannered, insightful -- not tough streetwalkers but budding models and actresses, housewives furnishing apartments or sending husbands through college. Stein, an M.S.W., gained the confidence of several of them and observed them at work through peepholes, one-way mirrors and slightly open doors -- 1,242 Johns! Stein believes that call girls are neither exploited nor victimized; they are, in fact, ""sexual professionals,"" unlicensed therapists -- and she not only admires them but foresees their licensing as paraprofessionals. Nearly all the clients observed are well-heeled, handsome, middle-aged men who need their work tensions or marriage failures relieved; they remind the author of her father, considerate fellows all. The nine male types she discovers are adventurers, fraternizers, friends, guardians, juveniles, lovers, opportunists, promoters and slaves. Each male requires a fantasy role from the call-girl: she must be motherly, meek, domineering, etc., always with the goal of raising the John's sexual self-esteem. An adult's garden of delights seen through a peephole darkly -- with Dial-a-Fuck just a pat on the rump away.

Pub Date: June 12th, 1974
Publisher: Putnam