O RUGGED LAND OF GOLD by Martha Martin


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An ordeal of heroic proportions which stands as a story of compelling interest over and above the pardonable emotional hysteria of its handling. Martha Martin who had been prospecting with her husband, Don, his partner, Sam, and their 15-year-old son, Lloyd, in Alaska for some years, finds herself alone in their cabin one November when Don leaves her to send off a moose to Lloyd, who had gone back to town. The landslide Don had feared takes place, and Martha suffers a broken arm and an injured leg and a fair-sized shaking up (in view of the baby she expects in February). The days run into weeks; Don does not return, although her faith is a source of comfort and hope. She makes a trip through the woods to their boat hoping to get away- but she falls overboard in trying to raise the anchor. She returns to the cabin where her diary provides a release and an occupation over and above her preparations for the months ahead as ice insures her isolation- and two possible contacts with Sam are missed. She kills an otter with an ax- drags the 100 pound weight back to the cabin where its skin adds a luxurious note to the flour-sacking layette she prepares. And she has the baby alone- and mother and child survive, as does Don who returns after the spring thaw.... It's quite a story, and it's quite possible that this may be her gold mine. L.H.J. one-shot appearance where it has already attracted attention. Saleable!

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1953
Publisher: Macmillan