UNUSUAL CAREERS by Martha Munzer


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False stereotypes and a surprising dearth of information have barred many students who envision a career in the sciences from exploring lesser travelled routes. What does the modern geologist do? What opportunities exist in the solar field? In what direction is meteorology heading?What challenge lies in oceanography? With the development of new instruments of research, man is reaching into relatively untapped areas. Metallurgy has become a highly developed science. Synthetics and dyes have transformed the field of chemistry. Harnessing the potential energy of the sea is a new and vital project. Ecologists, sanitary engineers, city and regional planners are faced by new challenges each day. The age of routine, limited, professional choices is over. This timely study is well organized and informative, and points the way to a myriad of new ideas.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1962
Publisher: Knopf