HARING OF JOY by Martha Reben


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The author, a city girl who took to the woods when doctors more or less despaired of curing her of TB (which thereupon vanished), here tells of many occasions when she has befriended assorted wildlings in distress. She seems to have a special feeling for our feathered friends, and has at various times adopted an owl, a grouse, a family of geese and one of ducks, a robin, and a pair of young sparrows. But birds are by no means her only interest: bears, a baby raccoon, a flying squirrel and a red squirrel, dragonflies, and even a wasp have all claimed her sympathy and, yes, friendship. These pleasantly told reminiscences of unusual pets and their pranks will make good reading for nature lovers, and might conceivably make nature lovers out of some of its readers.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World