TOO MANY BOYS by Martha Tolles


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The usual pre-adolescent sex bias was augmented in Katie Hart's case by the imbalanced ratio of boys to girls in her neighborhood. Katie was the only girl on her street, but She had two brothers (with man friends), and there were lots of boys living near by including Will Madison, who lived next door and whom Katie considered the pest of her sixth grade class. With time things get straight-ened up--a girl moves in on the other side, and in Katie's dancing school class she begins to discover that boys, especially Will, aren't always so bad after all. Katie's reactions are treated sympathetically and her change of attitude is displayed with a minimum of coyness. While this is a very normal difficulty, there' s very little constructive action that can be done to dispel it. Katie's single-minded concern with the problems which seems to be the sole impetus for all her actions, is much too one-sided and makes for a pretty tedious story.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1965
Publisher: Nelson