HOW TO MARRY A MINISTER by Martha W. Hickman


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If prayer doesn't work, Mrs. Hickman recommends that you ""settle in a town where there is a divinity school and try to get a job in the library or bookstore."" Or perhaps enroll in a divinity school for two years. She means it although one questions whether she should. Beyond that, most of this is not so much advice as the actuality of being a minister's wife: ""speaking"" Methodist and attending Conferences (this piece and one other from the Christian Herald), living in parsonage homes (practical considerations can determine the call); being in public view (hopefully you can follow your own dictates--she was reproved for reading Norman Mailer); vacations; congregational gifts; and the constant ringing of the phone and the doorbell. Once you get past the first chapter, the tone is one of pleasant domesticity and a very reasonable accommodation between the spiritual and more realistic demands of being a minister's wife.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1968
Publisher: Lippincott