PEONY'S RAINBOW by Martha Weston


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All in black line on white space except for the rainbow (and, in one sequence, a bunch of balloons), this tells of Peony Pig who longs for a rainbow. ""So one day she just took one."" She wants it for fame, but her friend Tinker, also a pig, thinks in terms of fortune: ""What an opportunity! We could cut it up, box it, and sell it."" The rainbow just wants to escape--and we see it slithering out of Peony's back pocket and out through the window. In the end it is ""free at last,"" but not before Peony, performing, has used it as a hat, a hula-hoopish tutu, and a lasso. Unfortunately the story sags where it should peak: when the rainbow lasso squashes an elaborate cake, the baker chases Peony. She stuffs the rainbow into her mouth and cries, whereupon it comes out and ""swirls"" off. Weston's several clever touches and the book's generally spiffy look may put it over anyway.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1981
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard