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Readers with a penchant for collecting things will be enthralled by Jocelyn's (Earthly Astonishments, 2000, etc.) youthful hobbyist and her eclectic assortment of objects. A classroom assignment impels Hannah to examine her bric-a-brac in search of the ultimate collection to bring to school. Hannah's found treasures are a conglomeration of discarded objects that could easily be dismissed as waste materials by the unimaginative: used popsicle sticks, miscellaneous seashells, and stray feathers become the medium for her creative expression. With each collection meticulously arranged and counted, young readers are provided with an intriguing foray into counting. Ultimately, Hannah's search inspires her to try a new venue—sculptures—to exhibit some of her favorite things. Woven out of the minutiae of everyday life, Jocelyn's collages celebrate the ingenuity of children. Each page highlights one of Hannah's collections. Organized to resemble a scrapbook, the text is printed on a white rectangular piece of paper, framed by a colorful cut-out border and surrounded by the items described. The diverse objects, sorted out via individual characteristics and grouped accordingly, form fascinating studies in design, texture, and symmetry; popsicle sticks are laid out in geometric patterns while random buttons are arranged into neat categories of shape, size, and color. A dazzling book to stimulate reader's imaginations and creativity. (Picture book. 3-7)

ISBN: 0887766900
Page count: 24pp
Publisher: Dutton