BY APOLLO TO THE MOON by Martin Caidin


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Mr. Caidin has to his credit an impressive string of books-- more than 30 number-- many of which form an important part of the layman's literature on aviation and space projects. This latest title is concerned with Project Apollo and the efforts of the U.S. to be first on the moon. Saturn 5, the rocket that is much in the news as the vehicle for achieving this end, comes in here for much background discussion and research involving it is described at length. This is followed by an investigation of the problems of Project Gemini-- the orbiting of two men in space. The last two chapters form a predictive unit: taking the year 1967, the author describes what the actual launching for the moon will be like, as well as plans for arrival and departure from there. Mr.Caidin writes clearly, carefully and well.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1963
Publisher: Dutton