WAR FOR THE MOON by Martin Caidin


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This is a rather complete survey of what our efforts have been so far to reach the moon. Mr. Caidin seems to have spent the last five years haunting Cape Canaveral and other missile installations, with a notebook in one hand and a tape recorder in the other. His knowledge reveals an intimacy with the total program which makes him particularly well qualified to write a book of this kind. He already has fourteen other books to his credit on matters of missiles and rockets. This book, however, particularly concentrates on our latest efforts to reach the moon and to penetrate outer space. He leaves very little to the imagination, and I can see where this book will be of great aid to the Russians in helping them reduce their spying budget. Mr. Caidin tells us where the component parts of the missiles are being manufactured, how they are brought together, what the launching sites are like, including exact locations of control centers, radar installations, and tracking stations. The book is also well illustrated with paintings, photos and drawings by Fred L. Wolff to clarify pictorially what words can only weakly describe. Mr. Caidin also gives us a good account of what the Russians have done to date and why they are ahead of us. Unfortunately, many details are lacking, for, as he writes, ""the Soviet Union has maintained an absolute shield around its ballistic rockets."" Parts of this book will seem a little too technical for the layman, but on the whole it is vivid, graphic and, without doubt, accurate.

Pub Date: Nov. 18th, 1959
Publisher: Dutton