WINGED ARMADA by Martin Caidin


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With his usual skill, the author adds another title to his long list of books on aspects of aviation. This time the subject is the short history and heavy responsibilities of the Strategic Air Command. Since 1946, the purpose of SAC has been ""to maintain a striking force of long-range bombers so powerful that it will eter any nation from going to war against us."" This requires that SAC be continually at the ready and the the author describes the way in which the Air Force keeps this unit in top flight condition. He does an excellent job of describing motivation. The training and practice never stops and the guarding against sabotage most rigid and constantly tested. Practice and security sessions are highpoints of the book. Mr. Caidin writes a swift journalistic prose and his book benefits from the first hand observation he was allowed to make.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1964
Publisher: Dutton