NO MAN'S WORLD by Martin Caidin


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No Man's World is the moon in 1971 and the Russians have had a permanent base there for three years. By far the outstanding main character here is the menacing moon itself, lurid, vacuum-packed and bright as green cheese. The Russians, suffering from moon-apathy, have orders not to permit the Americans to secure a foothold on the moon which they claim. When the U.S. team lands, melodrama crupts, men die, and as a kicker the Chinese have launched a nuclear bomb from Earth toward the Russian base.... There is a rapid fascination to these pages if you turn them quickly, and turn them you must since they feature an incredible amount of technological padding. Caidin, who writes so fast that he obviously never revises, should have been set on the moon for six months to cut some of this bloat.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1967
Publisher: Dutton