MONEY, EGO, POWER by Martin & Diane Ackerman Ackerman


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Quickie profiles of money moguls by a pair of authors who've been there--he in his Lear Jet, acquired on the strength of some jazzy maneuvers made while he was president of Curtis Publishing; she in the rumble seat, as his wife. The message: big risks reap big rewards; one equally big boo-boo, and it's all over save for the lingering scent of Chivas Regal. Many of the luminaries of economic flash are here--Cornfeld, Steinberg, Kerkorian, Linkletter, Barrish. And in spite of the fact that the Ackermans' how-to section seems superfluous (if you need to read this to learn wheeling and dealing, best keep on working for an hourly wage), their book makes for a pleasant few hours of vicarious power-tripping.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Playboy