RANSOM RUN by Martin Dibner


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A spoiled, psychotic playboy, who reads Playboy and Shakespeare, wants to free himself of his mother (""who-o-ore!""), and so arranges with a dumb pilot for the kidnapping of a fourteen-year-old boy for $200,000 ransom. The snatch is a success and the money is delivered, but their plane crashes in the Maine woods. When the boy emerges from sedation, he and the handsome madman are alone, with the pilot dead. They find they have much in common and the kid asks his abductor to take him along to whatever country he's bound for. A blizzard begins. Slowly the boy recognizes the playboy's insanity which erupts in two murders. At last they are holed up together in a lean-to, in the howling storm, burning the ransom for heat. . . shades of ""Ransom of Red Chief"" tinged by a more recent R-rated case--however cleanly this story's told.

Pub Date: Jan. 7th, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday