SLEEPING GIANT by Martin Dibner


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Martin Dibner's new novel again belligerently takes issue (a war novel and an expose of the fashion world precede it) and this is a story of big politics, big as a single state could hold. It is also a story of love, simple and direct, a love which no obstacle of ideas or physical force could challenge or change. A lot of blood is spilled along the way- and it shouts of disease, subterfuge, mayhem and postbellum problems. And there is a good deal of excitement which builds up to a crescendo through a believable climax and some tight writing. Florida cattle and timber country, raw milk, undulant fever, legislation, and an opportunist's attempt to block it, provide the elements of the actual story and its message is neither overstated nor oversimplified. Aggressive action, and sometimes showy, for an all-male caucus.

Publisher: Doubleday