A GOD FOR TOMORROW by Martin Dibner


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An outlandish reconnaissance of the post-Hitler hinterland takes Fred Cooper, free lance photo-journalist, to Berlin to find the Fuhrer's surviving son. Still strongly anti-German, Cooper is surprised by his susceptibility to Kathe Hoffman, falls in love with her, exposes her to the assault of the degenerate Von Horst who is even more anxious to get his hands on the Hitler heir. Cooper's search takes him on to Spain, to the high born (Cliveden claquish) Lady Daphne who has many memories of ""Adi"", which do not include their son. He had been taken from her at birth. Still another lead finally brings him to the boy, deaf and dumb since infancy, diminishes his value for Von Horst, and enables the youngster to return to anonymity, while Cooper is free to salvage Kathe.... A real plotboiler, not much to think about but a lot to question, notably the cheap to chauvinistic touches.

Pub Date: Nov. 17th, 1961
Publisher: Doubleday