WHAT DO WE BELIEVE? by Martin E.; E. Stuart Rosenberg & Andrew M. Greeley Marty
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This book is quite ordinary in concept, being a survey (or rather a collection of three surveys) of the present situation of America's three major religious groups: Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Jewish. What places it quite out of the ordinary in its execution is that the three authors are not only among the most acute commentators on their respective churches, but they are also the most talented writers within the American branch of those churches. The combination of these gifts has produced, in each instance, a survey that sparkles as it alternately horrifies by its truths and delights by its competence. The fact that there is nothing really new in the book, nothing that has not already been said often by less competent writers, is only a minor liability. The reputations of the authors will insure wide attention and circulation.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Meredith