THE PLACE OF BONHOEFFER: Problems and Possibilities in his Thought by Martin E. -Ed. Marly

THE PLACE OF BONHOEFFER: Problems and Possibilities in his Thought

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A group of teachers of theology have each made a significant contribution to make this an invaluable critical analysis of the thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the young German theologian who died at 39 in 1945 at the hands of the Nazis whom he criticized and in their attack on the Christian Church. The content of his thinking and teaching, no less than the heroic manner of his death, has given birth to both cult and legend through which his brother scholars seek to come to grips with the real contribution he has made to modern theology. Peter L. Berger, George W. Farrell, Reginald H. Fuller, Walter Harrelson, Franklin H. Littell, Jaroslav Pelikan, and Franklin Sherman have each looked at the man and his message from their respective fields, - Biblical studies, Church history, systematic theology, ethics, sociology, philosophy, liturgy and Time did not permit Bonhoeffer to establish his position in all those Fields, and many conclusions are based on deductions based on probabilities, but the is that his short period of preaching and teaching should none the less command serious attention in so many disciplines. These writers see in Bonhoeffer neither hero nor , but a professional theologian who deserves to be taken seriously. Their lucid need to be taken just as seriously by those who would understand Bonhoeffer, but first his own writing must be read.

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