MARTIN ZWEIG'S WINNING ON WALL STREET by Martin E. with Morrie Goldfischer Zweig


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An in-depth primer, combining fundamental and technical securities analyses, designed for the sophisticated investor by one of Wall Street's most consistently accurate forecasters. A risk-averse at heart, Zweig counsels investors in the ways of discipline and developing market strategies, among other things. His cardinal rule--never fight the tape--manifests a proven market strategy that includes running with profits as the only sure way to make money. The ZUPI (Zweig Unweighted Price Index), proclaimed ""The only investment model you'll ever need,"" is thoroughly discussed and augmented by a wealth of graphic and tabular data. Not a ""get rich quick"" book, this is rather a strategy and attitude guide that can provide tested ways to beat the market over the long term. In offering advice to the active as well as the conservative trader, Zweig presents his unhedged advisories on: understanding and capitalizing on the fundamental indicators; picking individual stocks; evaluating trends; and cutting losses and locking in profits. Winning on Wall Street will please those familiar with Zweig's particular brand of counsel, as well as any new readers. But it is not for casual reading; the book contains advanced concepts and terminology which, while thoroughly explained, are highly specialized and often complex. For players in one or more of the various markets who are looking for an edge, though, this could be an answer to prayers.

Pub Date: April 23rd, 1986
Publisher: Warner