THE SLIM GOURMET by Martin Lederman


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For those who would like to eat their cake- and not have it show, this gastronome's guide is based on some 25 years of dieting- during which he worried and harried away more than 400 pounds on 17 diets- and after which he found a new food philosophy -- that if we enjoy what we eat, we eat less. The importance of flavor (and in preparation, natural taste); the variation in personality factors which affect our choices; the determination of caloric needs (for maintenance or reduction); the 21 reasons for gaining weight (monotony and boredom are often responsible); and an inventory of food needs- bread and potatoes among them- as well as whole meals provides an only quantitatively diminished diet for the weight-watcher, based on precisely calculated caloric allowances for all sizes and shapes.... And the approach to eating as an art should attract a taste as well as waist conscious audience.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster