MADISON AVENUE, U.S.A. by Martin Mayer
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A lively study of the martini belt, not so much its fauna and folkways as its techniques and procedures- and while there is none of the shock impact of The Hidden Persuaders- that book will have created a certain audience participation. Along with a little about the Madison Avenue habitat as such, the tension (""somebody is always pushing the panic button""), the occupational death rate (57.9) and the speculative challenge, there is a lot of interesting motivational and operational research on the industry; on costs and returns and approaches; on the big agency and its marketing and merchandising methods; on campaigns; on the media; on audience research analyses; and on the general effects of advertising on politics, on culture, and on the life around us.... A business which provides the best copy possible- this should interest a market wider than the man in the medium and Martin Mayer (Wall Street: Men and Money) has assembled a great deal of fascinating to fabulous data.

Pub Date: March 5th, 1958
Publisher: Harper