LIVING RICH: A Manual For Would-Be Big Spenders by Martin S. & Diane L. Ackerman Ackerman

LIVING RICH: A Manual For Would-Be Big Spenders

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The Ackermans--Money, Ego, Power (1977)--seem to be on to a good thing, turning gilt into gelt. One chapter rhapsodizes on the finer points of that rare smoke, the Davidoff cigar, while another asks Do You Really Need Your Own Jet? (Included is a breakdown of the cost: pilots, $55,000 for two; hangar, roughly $11,000; insurance, $27,000; etc.). Finally, they get around to investments, offering brief--too brief--explanations of option buying, buying on margin, fixed interest investments, and the Eurodollar. A section on the mores of the very rich supplies such tidbits as Carter Burden's exercise habits (he goes to the gym for an hour a day)--an item we remember reading on the society page. We gagged then. This thing was mistitled; it should have been called ""How to Join the Parvenus When You've Already Caught Up to the Joneses.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1978
Publisher: Playboy--dist. by Simon & Schuster