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Even if De Soto found only pearls, copper and zinc, and Coronado's golden cities turned out to be pueblos, the New World had many other natural resources to offer the less avid or acquisitive. The authors here, with considerable care, interest and intelligence, have reconstructed the lives and contributions of many botanist-explorers, from John Barkham and later his son, William, to Dr. Henry Perrine, ""the little hard-riding ague doctor"" who treated malaria with Peruvian bark after sampling it himself. In between there is another father and son combination, the Michaux, Thomas Nuttall- one of the three all time greats, the ""grass man"" David Dougles, and Lewis and Clark better known for other reasons... This is a very good specimen itself; it tracks through reasonably little known history and science to introduce these lives of quiet accomplishment to the reader (at this or an older age level) with an established interest.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1964
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin