THIS IS MY LAND by Martin with photographs by James Yarnell Caldin


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air miles were flown to produce the chosen 250 photographs for this pictorial tour of the United States. The flight took the author/photographer team to every state, over valleys and mountains, cities, villages, farmlands, across lakes and rivers and natural wonders and the end impression is of a marvelously varied design but a disintegrated impression, panoramic but unmotivated, of our country. It is a handsome book, the photographs are superb, the reproductions flawless, the text poetic. But one questions the sacrifice of coordination to artistic effect. To anyone not versed in American geography the merging of Pittsburgh and Nashville, the jump from South Dakota to Texas to Oklahoma, from Arkansas to Virginia to Georgia, and so on, would be confusing. Possibly a map of the U.S. at some point would have bridged the gaps. Pictorial values.

Publisher: Random House