TREE FROG by Martin Woodhouse
Kirkus Star


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Is it possible for a spy novel to be relaxed, funny, feasible and fascinating? This one is. Dr. Giles Yeoman is a beguiling cynic who is artfully conned into performing a seemingly simple but dangerous maneuver for British Intelligence. All he has to do is allow the Russians to wrest from him the information that Project Tree Frog is astonishingly successful, that the pilotless, fiberglass aircraft is a simply marvelous reconnaisance plane that can't be detected on radar and can just fly miles and miles and miles. The only little snag involved is convincing expert scientists on the other side that the impossible is true. But it might be. Maybe. Even Dr. Yeoman is intrigued by the real truth about Project Tree Frog, particularly since he worked on it. The climax is a hilarious exercise in triple deception. Espionage addicts Attention! You double your fun with this one.

Publisher: Coward-McCann