GREEDYGUTS by Martina Selway


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The peace of the long-ago village of Wigwig is disturbed by a giant, ""only about as tall as a house"" but as grotesquely obese as his name implies. Like greedy landlords anywhere, he commandeers the bulk of the local produce for his own use, leaving the angry villagers helpless before his superior power--at least until young Jack, inspired by the acrobats in a traveling fair, organizes his neighbors to pose as a mightier giant: standing pyramid-style on each other's shoulders, their backs to the setting sun, they so terrify Greedyguts that he runs away, never to return. The hairy, bulbous giant--on the cover, he's shown gorging himself--is in marked contrast to Selway's idyllic, attractively painted farmland and sensible, sturdy-looking villagers. An amusing story as well as an effective fable about injustice overcome with guile and good humor instead of by violence.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1992
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Hutchinson--dist. by Trafalgar