THE MONEY PLAYER: The Confessions of a Hustler by Marty Reisman

THE MONEY PLAYER: The Confessions of a Hustler

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The name of the game here is table tennis (life on the croquet circuit is still to come). Reisman, a former champion and Riggs-like hustler, has volleyed his livelihood since early adolescence. The candid narrative treats not only his international tournament play in Taiwan, Bombay and Rio but also some of the betting action he has learned to thrive on. Reisman, who's now operating a table tennis parlor in Manhattan, has survived debilitating breakdowns, warfare in Indochina and a stint smuggling gold (he admits he was a ""grubby crook"" then). His story, more intriguing than endearing, has a lot more ping pong pizzazz than you'd expect.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1974
Publisher: Morrow