THE LONG WHITE ROAD: Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Adventures by Marvin Albert
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THE LONG WHITE ROAD: Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Adventures

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Pitted against the remorseless Antarctic, Irish-born, English-educated Ernest Shackleton with his selfless leadership and unflagging courage provides rich material for an action-packed adventure-biography. As a young merchant seaman Shackleton accompanied Captain Scott in 1901 on Antarctic exploration. Before they reached the South Pole they were forced back. He dreamed then of crossing the continent first. Thrice he essayed exploratory parties, in the Nimrod, Endurance and Quest. Here is the saga of one of the great explorers, who ironically never achieved his goals. It is the rare personality of Shackleton which makes this an especially appropriate biography for teen-aged boys. In his story they can experience vicariously the adventures of a man, with a ""passion for danger"", bearing the loneliness and paying the penalties of leadership.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1957
Publisher: McKay