STUTTERING SOLVED by Marvin F. Schwartz


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For the stutterer, every sentence spoken can contain agonies of anticipation. Will he block on the words? Which ones? How will he appear to others when he stutters? It now seems that stuttering is a physiological response to normal stress--a simple tensing of the muscles within and adjacent to the vocal cords (""laryngospasm""), which can be averted by easy-to-learn-and-master breathing techniques. Those techniques and the seven common stress situations that produce the block are described by Dr. Schwartz in this fluent and readable book. His research (and his ostensible 91% success rate) appears to be conclusive: if you remove the mystery that surrounds stuttering by describing to the patient the physiological phenomenon to which he is subject, the stuttering can usually be eliminated. Dr. Schwartz provides a gentle, absorbing combination of case history and description of method in a way designed to reassure not only the stutterer but also his family, friends, teachers, and co-workers.

Pub Date: May 17th, 1976
Publisher: Lippincott