THE SAVIOR by Marvin & Mark Werlin Werlin


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JESUS SAVES--CHRISTOPHER DOESN'T."" So say the placards by religious folks denouncing faithhealer Christopher MacKenzie, a teenage healing whiz with the greatest gift in two thousand years. But his ego's getting the better of him, as he knocks organized religions after his Katherine Kuhlman-style stage shows. What's more, Chris has the greatest groupie troupe since the days of early Elvis and has the ability to mind-pressure any girl into his bed. It's a teener's dream, but it's never quite clear how Chris--son of a Scottish widow seamstress who emimigrated to Philadelphia to change her fortune--got hold of his socko healing powers. As a babe, he never cried when hungry but simply ordered up a feeding with his mental powers. Then, like young Clark Kent, he had to learn to adjust during high school and hide his superpowers. And ever since he healed the burned and dying after a chemical plant explosion (while being filmed by newsmen), he's been on boffo tours, with hundreds throwing away their crutches and wheelchairs at every show. But why is he such a creep? Ah, well, conscience will at long last strike him down at the biggest rally of them all at Madison Square Garden. Mindless minus.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Simon & Schuster