WINTERMIND by Marvin & Parke Godwin Kaye


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A busy, complex, but only intermittently involving sequel to The Masters of Solitude (a concluding volume is promised)--featuring a far-future world divided into two camps: the vast, computerized, scientifically advanced City; and the wild, telepathic, witchcraft-practicing ""coveners."" Following a bloody religious war, cultural assimilation proceeds as witch-child Mady receives a City education--to the disapproval of her tradition-bound goddess-mother Shalane, who forces Mady to attend the coveners' orgiastic midsummer festival. But Mady, out of her element and terrified, flees back to the City. So disgruntled Shalane visits the Fleeters, a coven fishing-community with a dark secret--where she quarrels with husband Arin, breaks their telepathic bond, is cut off from the coveners' vital mental sharing . . . and, waylaid by a maniacal avenger, becomes the ""Wintermind,"" an elemental destructive force that threatens coveners and City-dwellers alike! And only medic Corian, a citified, non-telepathic covener, can figure out what's occurring and take steps to prevent tragedy. A fairly exciting conclusion, then--but much of the book meanders badly, with heavygoing references to the previous volume; so only fans of The Masters are likely to find this rewarding enough to plough on through to the colorful but over-delayed end.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1982
Publisher: Doubleday