HOW-TO FOR HOMEOWNERS by Marvin T. Forster


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There is almost as much how-not-to as how-to in this self help manual for the aspiring young homeowner who plans to do it himself. The economic pressures and the rising costs have made this movement nation-wide:- building, maintenance, both have priced themselves out of the market. And yet the basic crafts-accessible to anyone with the urge and some manual dexterity- can be botched up by the commonest of errors. The intent of this book is to help avoid some of these errors, many of which relate themselves to ill-chosen tools and equipment. A useful glossary at the start; commonsense information on tools- their care and use, whether for painting, decorating, repairing broken windows or what have you; succinct warnings on attempting only the simplest of electrical work, plumbing, and using unfamiliar equipment; and then, the how to in a wide range of operations. If an inquiring homeowner needs help on wet basements, on combining old paint and new, on fundamental masonry jobs, on stopping leaks -- these and many other subjects come in for sound advice. Frequently, Mr. Forster confesses himself at a loss. Frequently he gives just the bit of instruction and advice that is needed. This is no complete overhaul job such as Roger Whitman's First Aid for the Ailing House, but it provides a modern and useful adjunct for the do it yourselfer- rather than the home repair man.

Publisher: Winston