DR. JOHNSON'S LICHFIELD by Mary Alden Hopkins


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Riding along on the crest of the Boswell-Johnson wave, this pleasant book is preoccupied with the passions and passings of the bustling contemporaries of Johnson who lived in his birthplace. Johnson weaves in and out of the story, which centers on the permanent inhabitants -- the poetess Anna Seward with her vibrance and love for John Saville; Dr. Erasmus Darwin, whom hostesses considered a social liability in company with the similar Dr. Samuel Johnson; Thomas Day, who spent years searching for the Perfect Wife, even going so far as adopting two girls and training them to his taste -- without success;- and many others. The town, with its Close, its background as a battleground for and against Christianity, its civic pride in reservoirs and landscapes, also acts as an agent in a history for the most part highly personal and social. For devotees of Boswell and Johnson, and of the England of their period.

Publisher: Hastings House