TELL ME ABOUT JESUS by Mary Alice Jones


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This is one of the cases where the question and answer method serves a purpose, for almost all parents are confronted with the problem this wise young mother met in answering her son's questions about Jesus. The instinctive association -- in children's minds -- of their own problems with the facts about Jesus is here skilfully handled, and the figure of Jesus emerges as a reality -- loving children, laughing with them, understanding their temptations, showing them how to help people who need it, how can be better than safety, how nature deserves loving appreciation, how anger can be right or wrong, how trust in God, love of people, and the value of prayer and worship should be part of daily living. Companion volume to her successful Tell Me About God -- and, as in that look, the author skirts the thin edge of sentimentalizing her subject, and, in the main, avoids it. Undenominational -- though definitely not keyed to a n Catholic auenc.

Publisher: Rand, McNally