HIS NAME WAS JESUS by Mary Alice Jones


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Feel out your customer or reader on this one before recommending -- this treatment of the life of Christ will inspire and interest some, while embarrassing and antagonizing others. The line followed is that of the liberal Protestant historical point of view. The author follows the boyhood of Christ from the early years in Nazareth as he roamed the fields with Simon to the Crucifixion and the vision of Christ to the Apostles. Throughout the author attempts to catch the immediacy of the events by a lavish description of the Bible country and its people. Some admirable scholarship here, although we feel -- aside from the religious element -- that this quality is negated by the questionable process of putting twentieth century sentiments into the mouths of the scribes and Pharisees. Also many may object to the blythe transcription of the thoughts of Jesus. However, the purpose -- to help the young person to acquaint himself with the times and life of Jesus is laudable and this book is above the level of juvenile Christian literature which has made a rather poor showing. Expect the same reactions to the lavish black and white sketches by Rafaello Busoni --tough muscled Israelites and a square-jawed Christ.

Publisher: Rand McNally