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VENTURE OF FAITH by Mary Alice Walker


A Guide to Marriage and the Home

by Mary Alice WalkerHarold Blake

Pub Date: April 1st, 1959
Publisher: Harper

At first another title was proposed for this book, Happily Together. This would seem to be a more apt indication of the true nature of the book than Venture of Faith; for the authors, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Blake Walker are really writing of their marriage and their home as they explore and realize its possibilities for the happy fulfillment of human life in marriage, and make their reflections and wisdom available to others who are trying to live happily together. They speak plainly, at all levels, of what must go into a marriage if it is to "work", and they tell once more of the dangers and difficulties which dog the heels of all who enter holy matrimony, but they also point to the rewards, both direct and indirect, which are offered those who persist in love. They have written in short a thoroughly readable book from which lovers and parents can derive much wisdom and comfort.