F*T*C* AND COMPANY by Mary Anderson


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Though Freddy the cat gave up show biz after his TV stint in F*T*C* Superstar (1976), he and his pigeon friend Emma are back at it here, fixing up a decrepit Broadway (at 91st St.) movie theater and organizing the animals of their apartment building for a performance of My Fair Lady. Like many Broadway shows, the story builds to a grand crescendo that hasn't much point: the ectstatic animals give their all on opening day, unaware that the cheering crowds have gathered outside the theater to applaud not their performance but that of a demolition crew. The building falls but stagestruck Rosetta, the sweet-singing robin who plays Eliza, retires to a New Jersey spruce tree, refusing to come down until Freddy gets her another starring role--which leads to big scene number two, when the tree, bird and all, is installed at Rockefeller Center for the Christmas season. But there's nothing heart-winning about silly Rosetta, so the schmaltzy finale doesn't play--and this time round Freddy and Emma don't supply enough smart patter to make the performance a hit.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1979
Publisher: Atheneum