THE SUPER FOODS DIET by Mary Ann Crenshaw


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Standard, low-calorie reducing fare--dubbed Super Foods from the emphasis on nutritious, low-calorie items (bagels, swordfish) that are also filling. Crenshaw (The Natural Way to Super Beauty, Shape Up for Super Sex) has mastered the requisite pep-talk presentation: ""you, like me, can get off that miserable diet merry-go-round, get down to your own ideal weight, and get on with the joyous business of healthy living."" The regimen is balanced and reasonable, and the recipes are satisfying. (A typical dinner consists of sauteed veal kidneys, potato, brussel sprouts, and mixed fruit.) Crenshaw puts in a brief, timely plug for exercise (recognizing the non-exercising body's ability to gain weight even on a very low calorie diet); on meal spacing, she's less current (three meals-per-day, with the heaviest being an evening dinner, is not the best set-up). Healthy recommendations on the whole, but hardly new.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1983
Publisher: Macmillan