THE COZY BOOK by Mary Ann Hoberman


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Featuring a little girl of indeterminate age, this is a cheery, bouncy celebration of ""the cozy doings of a very cozy day""--which expands out from the immediate and concrete (""Scrambled eggs stirred soft and sunny/Melted cheese that's nice and runny"") to all-time sensations and emotions. Among cozy smells: ""Roses blooming/Wood that's burning/Bread that's baking""; or, apropos of ""Cozy people"": ""Laps to sit in, hands to hold/Arms to hug you when you're cold."" If anything, it's a too-lengthy catalogue, and too diffuse, for preschoolers; but kindergartners will find some ""cozy words"" to mouthe (including, ingeniously, ""Pachysandra/ Sarsparilla/Tusk and smug and fog""), along with an implicit invitation to classify all kinds of experiences. Tony Chen's full-color pictures are more often bright and crisp than resonant or evocative; but as broadly-attuned image-making, they'll do.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1982
Publisher: Viking